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Home Sleep Apnea diagnosis made simple, fast and easy

HST makes it simple, fast, and easy to get tested for suspected sleep disorders and treated for sleep apnea. The most common sleep disorder is obstructive sleep apnea. The home sleep test is a quick and convenient alternative to inpatient sleep studies and can be performed anywhere, at any time. In order to have a sleep study or home sleep test performed , you will need a prescription from a physician. If you do not have a physician, please click on our Local Doctors link to find one nearest you. After you complete your sleep study it will be read and interpreted by a board certified sleep specialist. The results are then sent to your primary care provider to discuss available treatment plans. If Auto-CPAP is the chosen treatment method, HST can assist you to get set up with equipment.

Your Bedroom Your Schedule

  • Perform your test anytime
  • From anywhere
  • Flexible pick up hours.

You Need It Now

  • Get it fast without the hassle.
  • Get a Home Sleep Test and your equipment within a week!!
  • Insurances can take up to 3 months!!

No Insurance Required

  • No insurance?
  • Deductibles too high?
  • No Problem!

Only $150

  • No hidden fees or extra charges.
  • Cheaper then most insurance deductibles.
  • We accept Cash or Credit.

Click Here To Take a free online test right now

We provide a simple questionnaire that is used to assess your sleepiness and whether you may have a sleep disorder. You can print the results and take it to your doctor. We can also help you find a doctor near you.